Critical Path Monitoring

We monitor your critical user journeys in production, and provide early warning of any problems

Screenshot of App in Browser

What do we do?

Our automated critical path monitoring uses AI and real browsers to use your website like a real human would. We check for:

Application Errors

Can your users complete your critical path? Are there application errors or timeouts? Are you losing sales to website errors?

Security Issues

Are your SSL/HTTPS certificates up to date and secure? Do your users get security warnings?

Analytics Tracking

Are your advertising and analytics tags tracking users correctly? Are you losing sight of user behaviour?

Performance Metrics

Is your application performing? Are you losing users to slow loading times?

Certainty as a service

Try Obscurity and rest easy knowing that your business-critical paths are being watched 24/7 365.


Our technology, sales, and marketing experience means that we know what is essential to your business.

Dónal Troddyn


Dónal is a browser automation expert, and deeply understands the technologies that power your sales and marketing stack